Run & Gun Handgun Firearms Instruction in Northern Colorado

This class provides a great workout and tactical training on using a handgun while on the move. Book a private group firearms training experience to learn skills around maneuvering quickly with a handgun.

The objective of this training curriculum is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively run with a handgun in high-risk scenarios, such as active shooter situations, where mobility and self-defense are crucial.

Run and Gun

In this class, we cover the following topics:

Class Objectives

  • Students attending this class should have experience or have taken classes in handling both a rifle and handgun.
  • This class is meant to take someone with basic skills and knowledge and put them through a challenge course.
  • FUN!

Tactical Movement and Engagement

  • Understanding the principles of movement and communication in a dynamic environment
  • Techniques for running, maneuvering, and maintaining balance while carrying a handgun and rifle
  • Switching between rifle and handgun to engage targets
  • Practicing shooting on the move and engaging targets from different positions
  • Developing quick target acquisition and rapid engagement skills
  • Simulated scenarios to simulate high-stress situations and decision-making under pressure
  • Advancing on targets